Here is a list of links to my boat related projects, hopefully the function of each item will be self evident from its title.  Commercially available items have links to the vendor(s) and to download a PDF file of their operating instructions. Some items may have links to YouTube videos to illustrate their operation.




Combo Engine Sound Unit Mk 3

Programmable Engine Sound Unit Mk 2

Rudder Mixer

Servo Controller

16 Channel Sound Effects Unit

8 Channel RC Switch

Dual 10A RC Relay

 FE100 Engine Sound Unit

 FE101 Engine Sound Unit

 FE102 Engine Sound Unit

 *MY* Combo Engine Sound Unit

 Power Distribution Board

 10A ESC (Electronic Speed Controller)

 Reverse Tamer

 Boat Horn

 Morse Sender

 Sail Winch End Points Adjuster